Exposed: 10 minute movie targeted at teenagers. Inappropriate texting .

Connected Cultures: What sort of comments do you post?

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Dos and Don'ts when using Social Networking

Think Time: Teens and Social Networks. Stats about how teens are using social networks

How teens are getting in trouble on Facebook; Some great tips to teach your kids about Facebook safety,

Emma's story: Cyber bullied by her best friend; Deals with the issue of Facebook and kids saying mean things about each other.

Students reaction to the 'Amanda Wood' story. Suitable for 15 years and older

A boy tells his story of how he was cyberbullied at school and home. Suitable for 11 years and up

Tyler Joseph talking about what side of the line of social networking he wants to be on through poetry. Suitable for 11 years and up

Stand up to Cyberbullying. Suitable for 8 years up


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Social Networking: Who are your friends? Great list of helpful hits in how to manage your friend's list

Infinite Learning Lab: Somebody is posting mean comments on Nermal's video in the Animal Idol context

The Webonauts Internet Academy empowers kids to make responsible and respectful decisions in their online interactions. Taking on the role of a Webonaut, kids explore a series of missions that teach key issues of web safety and digital citizenship.

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Welcome to Anywhere: Click on character and follow their journey and make sensible choices on the way.


Cool Cat teachers 10 tips for creating passwords


Blogging could be one of the first places younger students experience social networking. This is a place where they can post their work for others to comment on and they can comment on their peers work.

Before you start blogging with your class you need to set up guidelines.

Kim Cofino has a great example of blogging guidelines.

Using blogs with students lots of great examples, resources and ideas

Blogging rules and guidelines

Common Sense Media designed this poster. Download from their site

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