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Websters Gecko Goof: You can't believe everything you read on the Internet

Credit is due song: Citing copied material

FBI SOS site: visit all of the creatures on the islands and learn how to surf the internet safely

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Detecting lies and and staying true: movie about how to check to see if a website is legit.

Cybersense and Nonsense: 2nd of 3 games where students learn about fact and opinion in cyberspace.

Copyright Kids explains what copyright is and your own rights on the internet

Internet Addresses and what they mean


Fact or Opinion
Look at the internet addresses of the following websites...before you look at the website ask yourself these questions

What does the third level domain tell me?

What does the second level domain tell me?

Are these sites factual, made up or somebody's opinion?

So how does Google find these great results for you?

Now look at these Youtube movies and evaluate them

This is a great site to get students comparing information from different sources

Fact or Opinion Evaluation


Download Fact or Opinion template

What skills does a researcher need to have (Work in Progress)